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Why you should not use the Treadmill

Working out on a Treadmill is cool, we can’t deny.

But, do you think it is safe for you?

There has been a lot of positive talks about using the treadmill but this time, we are going to look at the flip-side of it.

Lately, people started popping the question on search engines and at the gyms about how safe Treadmills are. People are left with confusing answers about if it is truly safe to use that equipment or not.

This article will expose you to all the deep things you need to know before getting on a Treadmill to burn the annoying fat.

According to experts, it is extremely safe to walk, jog or run on a treadmill but, there is a clause to it. Individuals who suffer from certain health conditions are at the risk of getting more complications when they get on a Treadmill.

Here, we’ve gathered a list of health conditions that requires the individuals to take extra caution before running on a Treadmill.


If you are overweight or obese, you face the risk of getting complications of the joints when you run on a Treadmill. Not just joint pains but are most likely to face unprecedented complications. It is more advisable to get to a safer weight before using the Treadmill or try other forms of cardio.


In case you do not know what Osteoporosis means, this is a medical condition common among women who has reached the age of menopause in which the bones become extremely weak or brittle. If a patient diagnosed with Osteoporosis uses a Treadmill –for whatever reason –it would most likely result to weaker bones and injuries. It even makes the person become prone to fractures.

Knee pain

Do not use the Treadmill if you suffer from knee pain or have sensitive knees, The Treadmill could lead to more complications, It won’t help you in anyway, rather, it will increase the severity of the knee pain. Just wait till you recover before you hop on the machine.

Flat foot or knock knees

Flat foot have can cause complications in quite a number of activities that one do and might even have a worse effect when running on a treadmill. However, wearing specialized footwear with special soles can save you from complicated injuries. Knock knees can also thwart in the process of using treadmills and lead to injuries, why not just stay away and use stress-free alternatives?

Postural or back complications

If you have postural deformities like lordosis, scoliosis and kyphosis, using a Treadmill can be difficult for you. You might even slip and fall. Those with other kinds of muscle imbalances in the body should try everything possible to stay away from the Treadmill because they can get more complications by running on it.

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