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Why We Celebrate Easter

It is that time of the year again— where families come together in the holiday spirit - and to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter is celebrated by Christians in a bid to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The celebration begins on Good Friday then concludes on Easter Sunday and this year's celebration falls on Sunday 17 of April.

Easter marks the beginning of good over evil, rebirth, Grace and the realisation that Jesus Christ is truly the son of God.

Easter Sunday marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ after being crucified. According to the New Testament, Jesus was sentenced to death by crucifixion, for claiming to be the ‘Son of God.’

The Bible stated that one of Jesus Christ’s closest disciples, Judas, kissed him and that gave a signal to the armed crowd, which was sent by Jewish priests and seniors. Christ said that he wouldn’t rebel against the Jews or protest his arrest. He even ordered one of his followers, who struck out his sword to put it back.

After his arrest he was immediately tried by the Sanhedrin, the highest Jewish council of law. Having been found guilty of religious blasphemy, Jesus Christ was taken to Pontius Pilate, who gave in to the crowd’s demand to crucify Christ.

His body was brought down from the Cross, wrapped in linen and placed in a tomb, owned by Joseph of Arimathea. It was then sealed by a massive stone. This day is marked as Good Friday.

It is believed that after three days angels rolled the stone and Jesus Christ resurrected from the grave and visited his disciples. This day is celebrated annually as Easter Sunday. Since Christ rose from the grave, it is also known as Resurrection Sunday.

The Lunar calendar of the Church determines the Easter date every year, which falls on the Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon. However, several countries, like Greece, with Eastern Orthodox Church continue to predict the Easter date based on the Julian calendar.

Earlier in the West, Christ’s resurrection was celebrated on the first day of the week— Sunday. Since then, Easter has been celebrated on the first Sunday after the 14th day of the Nisan month. Easter Sunday also marks the end of the ‘Passion of Christ,’ which is a 40 day fasting period called Lent. The Sunday before Easter is called Palm Sunday and marks the arrival of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem.

Easter week, known as the ‘Holy Week’, also includes other significant days like Maundy Thursday— the day Christ had the Last Supper with his disciples before the crucifixion. The Saturday after the Good Friday is also considered as ‘Holy Saturday’ by many and people attend church services called the Easter Vigil.

With elements of spring and summer being added to the concept, Easter celebration also signifies fruitfulness, rebirth and new beginnings.

Easter is that time we have to reflect on our lifestyle and follow the way of Christ at all time.

Happy Easter!

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