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Who do you blame when love goes wrong?

Firstly, let me ask, have you ever felt love? Love in all its fullness?

How do you define love itself?

Many people get disappointed when what they thought as true love turned out to be ‘Love gone wrong’.

So, what is love if it is not guaranteed?

You may have been through a series of relationships and you discovered that they do not last up to your fantasies.

Sometimes, we find someone that meets our checklists but then, the person turns out to be someone that doesn’t deserve our time.

How then can we find true love?

This is the juncture where you need to understand what true love really means.

Love is an action that requires you to show care for someone, put their needs in your consciousness and subconsciousness, and to always have a genuine desire for their happiness. Love is a task, it is not just about butterflies but all about putting the ones you love first, every time.

Don’t confuse true love with the pop culture meaning of "true love." It is not about the outward feeling but what you feel inside of you.

True love is long-lasting. Love could start from the butterflies you get from new romantic relationships but it gets to the point where these butterflies are no more and you need to be intentional about loving the person regardless.

You need to be emotionally connected to the person you claim to love. Emotions are not love languages but are considered to be the language of love. These emotions let you connect and respond to your partner’s feelings and give you reasons to support and believe in your partner’s love.

You also need to be mentally ready to accommodate your partner. Apart from thinking with your heart, you need to think with your mind as well. You must be sure that this person aligns with your vision of a relationship. You two must agree.

Deep communications make it easy for you to understand your partner's complexities. You need to agree on certain complex situations before saying “I Do”. If you do not have the same thought process about your definition of a relationship, you face the risk of falling out of it after a short while. I am sure you won’t want this to happen again.

If you are ready to be faithful, then take this love ride. Things need to change. Apart from being sexually faithful, you need to be faithful in every aspect of your relationship. No secrets, no lies. You need to be ready to always trust your partner and also be worthy enough to be trusted. This could be difficult but you can make this work.

So, now ask yourself, are you ready to go through these tasks for love?

Does your partner seem like one who is ready to go through this too? If no, MOVE ON!

Love should not be a one-sided thing especially when it comes to being in a relationship. Make sure you think deeply before getting into it because if you rush in, you might rush out.

Take your time. Love will find you.


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