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What you need to know about Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is the first ever British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee - 70 years on the throne.

Princess Elizabeth acceded the throne at the age of 25 after her father, King George VI died on 6 February 1952.

She is the eldest of the King’s two daughters, and this qualified her as the next in line to the throne.

The King’s death came after a prolonged illness, and he passed away during his sleep in the Royal Estate at Sandringham.

The Queen had been in Kenya during this time, and subsequently became the first Sovereign to accede while abroad in over 200 years.

When was the Coronation?

While the Queen’s accession to the throne occurred in February 1952, her Coronation did not take place for a while yet, on 2 June 1953 in Westminster Abbey. So while she acceded the throne at 25, she was crowned at age 27.

The Royal Family explains: “The Coronation of the new Sovereign follows some months after his or her accession, following a period of mourning and as a result of the enormous amount of preparation required to organise the ceremony.”

The Coronation was conducted by Dr Geoffrey Fisher, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and was attended by the likes of the Prime Minister and citizens of the other Commonwealth countries, and representatives of foreign states. More than 20 million people watched the service when it was broadcast on television at the request of the Queen.

While the day was plagued by heavy rain, crowds of spectators viewed the procession along the route.

The ceremony began at 11:15am and ran for nearly three hours, with the service split into six parts: the recognition, the oath, the anointing, the investiture (which included the crowning), the enthronement and the homage.

She became the sixth Queen,and the 39th Sovereign, to be crowned at Westminster Abbey.

In 2013, the Queen celebrated her 60th anniversary of her Coronation, which was marked with a festival in the garden of Buckingham Palace, hosted by the Royal Warrant Holders Association.

What is the Platinum Jubilee?

The Platinum Jubilee is the Queen’s 70th anniversary on the throne. While Sunday 6 February would technically mark the date that the Queen ascended to the throne, it is not a date that the Queen wishes to celebrate as it is also the date of her father’s death.

The Platinum Jubilee held on Friday 3 June later this year.

The celebration made the Queen to be the first ever British monarch to achieve such an occasion.

She became the longest reigning British monarch back in 2015, when she surpassed that of the previous record holder - her great-great-grandmother Victoria.

Queen Elizabeth II commemorated 65 years on the throne in 2017 with her Sapphire Jubilee, for which she is also the only British monarch to achieve.