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What is your partner's Love Language?

How do you know that someone is in love with you?

There are ways you can show someone that you love them without spelling the I-love-you out.

Love languages are unconscious ways to show that you love someone. That means you can detect if someone loves you by carefully looking at how much they use any of these love languages.

One thing to note is that love languages are not just for romance alone, you can use these languages to appreciate people in your workplace, support friends, and show your loved one(s) that you care.

There are different ways people express love but these five major love languages cover them all.

Quality Time

If your partner always looks forward to every moment to talk with you, then your partner’s love language is Quality Time. Quality time is all about spending time together and enjoying each other’s company. Spending quality time with your partner helps you to talk and bond, and this makes your partner more assured of your love and your relationship more interesting because there will always be something to talk about.

Physical Touch

There is this kind of comfort humans get when they are hugged, massaged, cuddled, or intimate with their partner. Holding hands alone or putting a caring hand on someone’s shoulder makes your partner relaxed. Some people go as much as showing love through “PDA” or public displays of affection to make their partner feel loved. If this is your partner, then Physical Touch is your partner’s love language.


If gifts make your partner extremely excited, then that’s your partner’s love language. You do not need to rob a bank before you can get a gift for a partner like that. They usually get overly excited whenever you gift them stuff, regardless of the worth. If your partner feels excited and all loved up after receiving a gift from you, then your partner’s love language is certainly Gifting.

Acts of Service

Acts of service are a special way of showing love to someone by willingly helping your partne