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Ukraine war: Putin says no more massive strike - for now

This was just about to sound like good news but the 'For now' phrase questions Mr Putin's declaration.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said there is no need for more massive strikes on Ukraine, days after the heaviest bombardment of the country since the war began.

He said most designated targets of the strikes had been hit, adding that it was not his aim to destroy Ukraine.

Moscow's goal of mobilising 300,000 men would be met within two weeks, he said.

Mr Putin's words come as Russian forces seem stalled and Ukraine advances, almost eight months since the invasion.

Speaking to journalists after a summit with regional leaders in Kazakhstan's capital Astana, the Russian leader said that the recent strikes had destroyed 22 out of the 29 targets in Ukraine set by the military and that "they are getting" the remaining seven.

"There's no need for massive strikes. We now have other tasks," he said.