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The statue of Robert E. Lee is gone, but the mystery of the time capsule persists

RICHMOND — Robert E. Lee lost his lofty perch — but he's trying to hold onto his secrets. Workers were a bit stumped Thursday morning in their quest to find a time capsule supposedly planted at the base of the former Lee statue on this city’s Monument Avenue. The bronze equestrian figure of Lee, the Confederacy’s most revered general, came down Wednesday and was hauled away in pieces on a truck.

The 40-foot stone plinth remains in place, covered with colorful graffiti from last summer’s racial and social justice protests. And somewhere under that edifice — according to historical records — lies a time capsule. Robert E. Lee statue is removed in Richmond, ex-capital of Confederacy, after months of protests and legal resistance Though the monument itself was unveiled in 1890, the time capsule was planted in 1887 along with the first parts of the gian