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The biggest Richest Hedge Fund Managers On 2020 Everyone should start thinking of what he/she can do

Having said that we should start thinking of what you can create or recreate what has already been invented or by an inventor is the only way forward. 2020 has been a crazy year and the year some people wash and clean their hands more like never before. here is a list of some inspirational inflammatory news from the Hedge funds monetary games.

It hasn’t been the best year to be a hedge fund manager. The 25 members of The Forbes 400 who made their fortunes from hedge funds are worth a combined $185 billion, up to $2.8 billion from last year. As a group, that’s saying something, given that hedge funds got hammered in the first half of 2020, losing a record 7.9% on average, according to an analysis by Hedge Fund Research. The number of hedge funders on The Forbes 400 held steady at 25 this year, but Renaissance Technologies' Henry Laufer slipped from the rankings, and Pershing Square Capital Management founder and CEO