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The 6 Best Ways To Be More Positively Memorable In Your Career

When you think of the most memorable person in your career, who comes to mind and why?

You likely cited one of two extremes: an amazing mentor everyone adored or some clueless, self-absorbed jerk who always rubbed people the wrong way.

Being truly memorable is less about you and has everything to do with how you make others feel. For better or worse, the impression you make on someone lingers far beyond your initial encounter with them, sometimes your entire career.

It’s human nature to want to spend time with those who leave us feeling uplifted, cared for, and heard, so it makes sense to be intentional about cultivating a presence that supports that desire.

Here are the six best ways to be more positively memorable in your career:

1. Be attentive

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Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone while they’re looking at their phone? How did that make you feel?

When you’re an active listener (read: eye contact required), you signal to others that you’re interested and present, and what they say matters, fostering trust and respect. And spoiler alert: that’s impossible to do when you’re multitasking.

2. Be kind

When you lead with kindness, every interaction with others leaves a lasting positive impression.

Smiling at people, saying good mornin