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TALE AS OLD AS TIME Queen’s subtle hint she’s ‘coming to terms with the fact she won’t be around for

THE Queen is "coming to terms" with the idea that "she won't be around forever", a royal expert says.

The monarch paid a moving tribute to her son Charles and grandson William during her recorded COP26 speech yesterday.

Speaking from beside a photo of her late husband, she told delegates that no one 'will live forever' in a plea to tackle climate changeCredit: AP

And she told delegates: "We none of us will live forever."

Her Majesty is currently taking a two-week break from her duties on doctors' orders after an overnight stay in hospital during October.

She was seen out in Windsor yesterday behind the wheel of her Jaguar - a sighting that will doubtless reassure Brits concerned for her health.

But in her address to world leaders, she praised the younger generation in a sign she may be preparing to hand over the mantle.

Angela Levin, who penned an authorised biography on Prince Harry, said: "Perhaps she's telling us she's coming to terms with the fact she won't be around forever.

"She's a spiritual and religious woman.

"Perhaps she's prepared to go on in her role, but recognises that she's getting older."