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Start Planning your 2021 New Year With These Ideas. Exercises to Strengthen Your Mind?

1. Retrospect on your experience over the year

I know we were all excited when this year began. We had hopes, goals, and plans we wanted to achieve until the Coronavirus broke out to change everything.

Now, think about it. How did you maneuver through the hazards that came your way this year? Some lost jobs, doing business was slow all around the world, and they locked us down for months. Obviously, 2020 was tough, yet it presented lessons and opportunities.

None of us saw it coming, but looking back, I want you to ask yourself, what worked this year for you and what didn’t? Answer these questions and use what you’ve learned to get your ducks in order. Ask yourself, what would you have done differently and what does the future hold?

These questions would help you understand what you should do more of, and what you should stop doing in the coming year.

2. Plan without assumptions

We probably all assumed 2020 would be our best year to date. Well, not that it is an entirely terrible year for everyone, but it at least shows assumptions are not always helpful. Instead of making assumptions, it is better to move forward with hope.

When we are hopeful, we are using the thinking style that forms the foundation of optimism. We need to be positive but must also be flexible in our mindset, so it becomes easy to adapt to change.

Again, a new year is around the corner and we must go into it, hoping it will be an exceptional year. The future is just a story we tell ourselves, so make up a good one. Have plans, set goals, and have a positive outlook but to remain flexible and willing to adapt to circumstances as they change.

3. Focus on things you can control.

In life, we are not always in control because of externalities like government policies, natural disasters, health issues, and so on. All these cause the need for us to learn how to let go of how things should be and instead focus on how things are.

This shift in mindset will ultimately help us put our best foot forward in varying situations, rather than mourn lost opportunities.

People spend a lot of time and energy worrying about things they cannot influence or change, but no one really knows. We don’t know when the lockdowns will end; we don’t know how long the virus will take before it completely fizzles out, nor do we know what will happen to the economy. So it makes it a much better idea to focus on the things you can control.

You could spend your time thinking about all the things that have gone wrong, or you could focus your attention on possibilities