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Protect Your Well-Being Mental Health in Tough Times. SQUAT with Resistance Bands from Bodylastic

Following your heart body and soul, I personally like to work out and you can use this resistance band to do a lot of exercises, when we want to gain more in life most times it's inevitable not to lose what you have before? We are so infatuated with ‘getting better’ or becoming ‘more incomparable? Don’t get me wrong most of us are trying very hard to improve ourselves but are unwilling to take action. Just as we have monotonous for the gym we should, however, have a repetitive way to exercise our mental brain by reading some great book that will add value to your life as well, body and mind makes the soul manifest it full potential

I am a big advocate of physical, well-being. Unlike people who often hold themselves back physical and mental exercise is a wonderful gift to humanity. Some modes of communication will do. Appreciation is a gift that someone appreciates you. It’s a lovely side effect that sharing your appreciation for someone else will likely lift your spirits as well. When times are rough, it’s worth exploring any healthy tool for managing emotional distress. You never know what might work for you unless you try.

How to perform: Lie on the floor, face down, with your legs straight. Loop a resistance band between your toes. Slowly curl one leg bringing your heel up to your bum by bending your knee, so your one leg is past 90 degrees. Hold this for a second and then lower the bent leg down to the starting position.

Progression: When descending on the rep, come down with a 3-second negative to make the movement more difficult. Do this two to three times a week


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