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Opinion: Why some Nigerians will decide to sell their vote in 2023

Some Nigerians have never been proud of their leaders ever since the inception of democracy into the country.

There is ways one complaint or the other, owing to the fact that they can't link any great achievement to their representatives.

Insecurity, unemployment, erratic power supply, corruption has always been the order of the day.

Every four years, politicians come up with manifestos but they never put their words into actions.

Nigeria's economy has declined drastically. 1$ is almost equal to N500 and the minimum wage is N30,000 just a little bit above $70. Prices of goods (both made in Nigeria and imported products) have not just doubled but tripled.

Many people have lost their major source of income and more people have slipped into abject poverty.

2023 elections are drawing near and so many polithiefcians are coming out to declare their interest.

Some politicians have gone back to the trenches to show temporary love by sharing bags of rice and other food products to these poor people. Luring them into sacrificing their votes for them.

They use this opportunity to share meagre amount of money to people who are living in abject poverty, they specially focus on the Northerners who are stricken with insecurity and poverty.

These politicians look forward to election period to start showingthat they car. Due to the poverty situation ravaging the country, these politicians use it as a bait to get more followers. They lure them into trading their votes for temporary gains.

So many people have tried creating awareness to warn people about trading their votes but, the stomach always has its way.

This is the reason why there has been no improvement in our country. These people get into power by taking advantage of the poor people. As soon as they get to that seat, they look for measures to get more wealth to themselves, sidelining the poor and making poor decisions that basterdizes the country’s economy.

If people can come together to not sell their votes this time, the country could go forward and beyond our expectations.

Let's all take it upon ourselves to advice Nigerias not to sell their vote this time.