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Nigerian biker rides from London to Lagos against polio

Nigerian biker, Kunle Adeyanju, has arrived Nigeria after his 41-day journey from London to Nigeria in a bid to raise money to end polio. Kunle left London on April 19 with a simple goal in mind: reach Lagos and raise funds to support the fight against polio. 13 countries and 13,000 kilometres later, Nigerian-born Kunle Adeyanju crossed, the Benin-Nigeria border on Sunday after a 41-day journey on his motorcycle. A welcome fit for a celebrity. After 41 days on the road, Nigerian biker Kunle Adeyanju, was applauded by the crowd who gathered in anticipation of his arrival. Mesmerised by the encounters along the 13 thousand kilometres he travelled, the biker urged Africans to tell their stories to the world: "My discovery, my one take-home from this ride, is the story of African people, I discovered that African people are nice people, African people are hospitable people. Africa is a land of diversity, it is a land where every step you go through, you discover something new, something interesting. It is totally different from what I read about Africa in the media." At the Seme-Krake border post entering Nigeria from Benin, Adeyanju received a new stamp on his passport as proof that he crossed 13 countries. The funds generated from his adventure will go to charity with 20% dedicated to End polio now campaign. "If you look at the issue of polio, we need to get rid of it, Adeyanju said. We have the technology, we have the vaccine, so we can do it. The point is, why are people not doing it, why have we not been able to do it? It is all about awareness." The rider became an online sensation after he started documenting his adventures online. The 44-year-old further revealed that he will soon be busy again as he will embark on a new journey:  "I will be riding from Lagos to Israel, then through Asia, basically I will be heading to the Tibetan Plateau. Then there I am going to ride to Everest Base Camp, then when I get to Everest Base Camp, I wanna attempt to climb Mount Everest." The Lagos State governor praised Adeyanju's courage and determination in embarking on the adventure for charity. Polio is a highly infectious viral disease that affects many children in Africa. Last March, Malawi and Mozambique declared polio outbreak linked to strains from Pakistan.