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Iconic British automotive brand Jaguar is storming into the 2021 model year with many new additions

Jaguar is readying an extensive mid-life upgrade for its XF range, and we've now seen the Sportbrake variant testing with minimal disguise. Following the updated XE and tipped to arrive before similar revisions to the FJ

New 2021 Jaguar XF Refresh - Interior and Exterior Changes | Full Details | XF 2021

Among them is the ultra-stylish and cool Jaguar XF Sedan. We're hearing lots of good things about the new XF, including that for the 2021 model year, it will be more competitively priced and with more flexible options. The company already confirmed that the previous entry-level model, the XE, will be discontinued in the US market from 2021. 2021 Jaguar XF

JAGUAR Enhancements Inside and Out: The first thing you can expect on the 2021 Jaguar XF is the new styling both on the exterior and interior. The body will see a new front bumper and grille design, as well as a more impressive and "assertive" (Jaguar's word) rear bumper and a body-colored rear upper valance. Lights will now be all LED as standard, and the car will come in three configurations featuring both rear and all-wheel-drive systems. 2021 Jaguar XF On the inside, you can expect even more decadent and sumptuous material choices than past models. Jaguar says that the new XF will be a calming and relaxing experience for drivers and passengers alike. The center console will be sportier, and seating will be wider and more cushioned than before with massage functions and improved heating/cooling for the winter/summer months. The interior air is also cleaner and more allergen-free thanks to the PM2.5 Cabin Air Ionization system. Drivetrain and Important Hardware: It seems that the new XF sedan will be built with three 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine options, including one diesel engine. All engines are turbocharged, with the diesel and higher-output gasoline engine getting AWD with 8-speed transmission. The standard gasoline engine is RWD as standard, with an option to upgrade to AWD. 2021 Jaguar XF JAGUARThe diesel engine will achieve a pleasing 317lb-ft of torque. If you needed proof of real performance credentials, then hopefully this will be enough. However, the gasoline engines aren't too remarkable with the standard engine producing 246hp (269lb-ft torque) and the higher model hitting 295hp (295lb-ft torque). Hopefully, Jaguar has plans for a more potent 8-cylinder model in the future.

Yes, There Will be Hybrid Capability: The New 2021 Jaguar XF features innovative mild hybrid technology (MHEV) within its powertrain. Available on the diesel-engine model, the hybrid features to boost performance while reducing overall emissions by 13 percent on the previous model. It's also incredibly fuel-efficient, achieving up to 50mpg, compared to around 29mpg on the gasoline models, which is still suitable for this class.

2021 Jaguar XF Back

JAGUARThe hybrid tech features a 48V lithium-ion battery loaded in under the rear seats. That is powered by a DC-DC converter and supported by the innovative Belt-Integrated Stater Generator (BiSG). The BiSG recuperates kinetic energy when you ease off the accelerator, which is then transferred and stored in the 48V battery. That reclaimed energy will be used to boost torque performance, ensuring powerful acceleration. Interior and Drive Technology: We touched already on interior enhancements, but thankfully they are not all cosmetic. You'll find at the core of the all-new 2021 Jaguar XF a slew of significant tech upgrades that will make it even more fun to drive. Let's start at the center console, which besides looking sportier, now will have a hopefully flawless 11.4" curved-glass high-definition touchscreen display with a redesigned interface. This should make navigation, entertainment, and other essential functions easy to manage, especially with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

2021 Jaguar XF

JAGUARThe new standard infotainment system is said to be the cleanest version of the system yet. It allows for dual-screen viewing (i.e., navigation and music playlist simultaneously displayed), and a greatly simplified menu where Jaguar claims that 90 percent of essential functions can be performed in two taps or fewer. If that's still not big enough, how about the 12.3" HD driver cockpit display with head-up features to allow all the crucial information the driver needs to be within eye-line. 2021 Jaguar XF JAGUAR Other great tech features include the rearview mirror, which projects the rear view via a wide-angle rear-facing camera onto an HD screen within the main mirror. This ensures absolute clarity of the rearview even when the weather deteriorates. Wireless device charging with a phone signal booster also comes as standard in new XF models, as do great ADAS features like 3D surround camera, blind spot assist, rear traffic alert, parking assist, and distance-guided cruise control.

2021 Jaguar XF – So Much "New"

The 2021 Jaguar XF looks like an exciting model update with new designs, new features, and new technology all make for an exciting and enhanced experience for both driver and passengers. If you were worried that the 2021 XF was merely going to be a continuation of the previous year with perhaps some new badging, then you needn't have been. Welcome to 2021, the year of the Jaguar XF.


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