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Morocco records three suspected cases of monkeypox

Morocco has discovered three suspected cases of monkeypox, the first time this has happened in the kingdom, the health ministry announced on Monday. "We have detected three suspected cases of monkeypox who are in good health and under medical supervision," said Dr Mouad Mrabet, coordinator of the National Centre for Emergency Public Health Operations. In a statement, Mrabet said medical tests were underway and that the results would be known "soon". The statement did not state where the suspected cases were detected or the identity of the three people. The Ministry of Health has just published a "surveillance and response plan" for the detection and treatment of monkeypox cases and for health protection. Monkeypox, which was eradicated some 40 years ago, has suddenly appeared in recent weeks in countries where it is normally only very rare: Europe and North America. As cases continue to rise outside endemic areas of Africa, the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed on Monday that the situation was "atypical", but said it was possible to "stop" the transmission of the disease between humans.