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How can we know what God wants us to do? Does He want us to stay, go, do this, do that? How can we be sure He’s hearing our prayers and that He’s really about to do something in our lives?

If you’re like me, sometimes it seems like God’s plan is a huge puzzle we have to try to put together, especially when we’re praying for direction and have to wait on an answer. Let me assure you, even though it can appear that God’s leaving it up to us to figure things out on our own, in reality, He’s at work behind the scenes and we just can’t see anything happening yet.

Even though we don’t have to guess His plans, I’ve learned that there are often a few signs that He’s getting ready to change things up for us, and as we practice spiritual discernment, we can learn to recognize these signs so that we can pray over them and ask Him to confirm His will to us as we move forward.

Here are a few signs I’ve experienced in my own life that often signal a season change:


This is usually one of the first signs I’ll experience when God starts to prepare me for a transition. I begin to feel ready for a change, even if I’m not sure what kind of change, and I start to feel restless where I’m at. Many times, my passion for what I’m doing will also begin to fade.

For example, if you’ve been on fire while serving in a particular ministry for years, and then all of a sudden, that fire goes out and you don’t have the same desire to serve in that capacity like you once did, that may be a sign God is getting ready to move you to a new place of service.

It’s important to note that this sense of restlessness isn’t the same as burnout. It’s not brought on by overwork, stress, or exhaustion. Usually, nothing has changed externally, but there’s an internal shift in your thoughts and feelings about where you’re at. When you sense that change, start praying and ask God why you’re feeling that way. It may be just a passing phase, but it could be God preparing to move you to a new season.


This one used to frustrate me, but I’ve learned to view closed doors as God’s hand of protection and preparation. A great example of this from the Bible is in Acts 16:6-10 when Paul and his companions were prevented by the Holy Spirit from ministering in certain places. Doors to ministry kept closing, and yet Paul kept trying new doors. Eventually, Paul received a vision about a man from Macedonia asking for help, and Paul discerned that God was telling them to go there.

If doors keep closing for you and nothing you’re trying is working out in the way of new ventures, then it may be that God is the one keeping you from those things because He has something else for you to do. When doors start closing and you’re running out of ideas and options, start praying and ask God to lead you to an open door.

Also, ask Him if there’s anything He needs to do within you to prepare you for that open door. During every transition season, there’s almost always some type of preparation or pruning the Lord wants to do within us to get us ready for our new season, and the sooner we start allowing Him to do that, the sooner we can move on to our next thing.


When things start happening out of the blue - new opportunities arise that you weren’t looking for, new relationships or connections happen that you didn’t see coming - that’s usually a sign that God is giving you the first few steps toward your new calling or season. It can feel confusing at first, but it quickly becomes very exciting as you start seeing new possibilities!

Esther, Joseph, and David are just a few examples of people from the Bible who experienced circumstances out of their control, and each time God was the one moving and working behind the scenes to bring them to a place of greater service for His glory and their ultimate good.

If you see an unexpected door opening on your horizon, prayerfully approach it. Ask God to close it if it’s not from Him but to leave it open if it is from Him. He doesn’t want you to be confused, so ask Him for wisdom and He’ll gladly give it. (James 1:5)


If a certain topic keeps appearing, God may be sending signals that this theme is related to your new season. For example, maybe you suddenly keep hearing about a certain location, or if a new job or ministry keeps showing up in seemingly unrelated places, God may be trying to turn your attention toward a new direction for your life.

Sometimes, we’ll also begin to have a burden for something we hadn’t before, and we will feel drawn toward a certain area, ministry, job, or group of people that we hadn’t previously felt drawn toward. Feeling a new burden is often God’s way of stirring our hearts in preparation for a new calling.

When I start to notice any new themes or burdens, especially if they’re accompanied by any of the other signs above, I start asking God for insight about that particular area. Again, He doesn’t want us to be confused, and He will keep confirming His will for us if we’re obediently seeking Him.

So if you’re experiencing a burden or noticing a theme lately, start praying, and many times you’ll find the burden/theme is related to an area of your life that you’ve already been praying over. For example, if you’ve been praying about college and all of a sudden a certain college keeps popping up in front of you, pray about that college and see if God’s leading you there. If you’ve been praying for career wisdom and out of the blue a new career keeps showing up, ask God if this is the direction you’re supposed to head.

What should we do if we sense a season change is coming?

We don’t have to put the puzzle pieces of our lives together. When it’s time for one season to end and another to begin, God will bring it to pass without our help, or in some cases, in spite of our help. (I’ve gotten in His way more than once and I do not recommend it. It slows down the season change and hinders what He’s trying to do!) When we learn to let go of the puzzle pieces and give them to Him, we can then watch as He puts the pieces together for us.

The key to navigating a season change is to stay surrendered through prayer.

Sometimes, we don’t have any clarity at all about what God’s doing in our lives, but we can sense that change is coming. If you’re in a season where you know God is leading you to some sort of change, but you have no idea what that change will look like, stay connected to Him in prayer and let Him do the work of putting the puzzle together. It’s easy to become bored or frustrated where we’re at, and it can be even easier to try to rush a season change, but we can’t allow ourselves to get distracted by what’s going on around us (or by what’s not going on around us). We must stay surrendered to Him, and being surrendered to Him means also being surrendered to His timing and ways. Being surrendered to His timing and ways is the hardest part for me, but I’ve learned from experience that rushing ahead of Him or getting in His way by “helping” Him only makes things worse.

If we stay focused on Him, obedient to Him, and seek His glory above our own, He will not only bring about His plans for us, but He will confirm them, establish them, and bless them above anything we could ask or think. That’s a promise! (Ephesians 3:20)

What are some ways God signals a season change to you? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this, so please leave a comment below and share!

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