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LIFE HACKS: How to be Emotionally Independent

Emotional independence solely depends on your happiness.

These days, people define their happiness based on what others around them say. They wait for other people’s validation before they can boast about being happy.

These validations are usually from other people, who do not even know so much about you nor care about you. Their thoughts about you should not get you bothered in any way.

Some people wait on social media likes before they can accept that they are beautiful. They forget the fact that true beauty lies in your own definition.

You do not need to attach yourself to another person's definition of happiness. Look deep into yourself and choose what works for you, with that, you can be emotionally independent.

Here are some tips you can use in reviving your emotional independence

Accept Yourself

Accept your beauty, your posture, your color, and all that concerns you. If you are happy about who you are, there is no one else that can talk you away from being happy. Even if you are called ‘ugly’, you won’t believe it because you know deep down that you are beautiful

Don't wait for Compliments

You can become emotionally independent when you stop relying on people to be self-sufficient. Don’t rely on someone else to say something nice to you. Say those nice things to yourself. If the compliments from others come, it is great! If it doesn’t, do not let that get to you in any way.

Be your #1 Cheerleader

Be your own fan. Do not let social media likes determine how great you are. Some get depressed whenever they do not reach the number of likes they hoped for on social media. Be proud of yourself first, that will make you worry less about how many commendations you get from people or social media.

Once you are able to define your happiness yourself, you won’t have to be bothered about what other people think of you.

This gets you emotionally stronger and more independent.

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