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With rigorous research and study over the past ten (10) years to understand these things called Mental Slavery mostly with Black Races and the World at large. And a little retrospective into the life of Clarence Thomas.

“The shackles of chattel slavery were removed over a century ago, and legislation has been passed to relinquish the legal chains that bound Blacks in the round the world not just in America to a slave master’s balance sheets along with oxen, farm equipment and other tangible assets. However, no outside actions can remove the mental slavery that occurred, was passed down and remains with modern-day Blacks today.

Yet many African descendants are in denial of the long-lasting effects of the traumatically brutal institution. They often assert that slavery happened long ago, it has nothing to do with them, and Black people should get over it and take advantage of the ‘freedoms’ now available to them. However, the emotional and psychological damage caused by the Transatlantic slave trade was so severe, many people today still struggle to ‘get over it.’