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Inside Jeffrey Epstein's 'house of sin' where sketches of Ghislaine Maxwell and nudes adorn the wall

The previously-unseen pictures, submitted to Ms Maxwell's trial, show new detail inside the Palm Beach home where his victims were abused

The master bedroom with bamboo cane four poster bed

Erotic works of art hang around the door to one of two lavish bathrooms attached to the master bedroom in Jeffry Epstein's Palm Beach mansion. A desk and three chairs arranged in an interview format sit in front of the bathroom entrance. Inside, an illustration of Ghislaine Maxwell hugging her Yorkshire terrier, Max, hangs on the wall.

One of the bathrooms leading out to the master bedroom

The detailed pictures of inside the mansion where Epstein abused underage girls form new evidence submitted to a New York court in Ms Maxwell's sex trafficking trial.

Ms Maxwell is accused of grooming girls as young as 14 and "serving them up" to be abused by Mr Epstein at the $22million waterfront Miami home. She denies the charges. The pictures were taken on a 2005 police raid and form part of the prosecution case against Ms Maxwell. The court is set to hear that the photos show the British socialite's close relationship with Epstein. Prosecutors argue that she is complicit in his crimes.

A lounge area

A downstairs reading room

Inside the luxury bathroom with the picture of Ms Maxwell on the wall there is also a desk with notepads, a telephone and a model of one of Mr Epstein's private jet. Ms Maxwell purchased a helicopter with millions of dollars Mr Epstein gave her, a court heard on Monday. Some of the money was funnelled into accounts named Air Ghislaine Inc. Near the bath is what appears to be a fully equipped dentist's table, with what appear to be drills, a lamp and other dental instruments.

A second bathroom also adjoining the main bedroom has what appears to be two walk-in showers and a pink sofa with a telephone next to it and various nude artworks hanging above from apparent marble walls.

Previously released video from the police raid shows an adjoining cupboard with a massage table folded up. The video also shows numerous pictures of Ms Maxwell, some nude, and some with Epstein. Other rooms shown in the pictures submitted to court include the mansion kitchen, lounge and reading room. They host numerous other desks where housekeeping manuals were fastidiously kept ordering staff to “see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing”.

The spiral staircase leading up to the master bedroom

A desk in a lounge area with office paraphernalia

One green-topped office table placed in a pine-clad lounge looking out onto the pool area holds a computer, scanner, Roman-looking statues, a torch, headed note paper and a thesaurus. The swimming pool surrounded by palms with a white pool house and sun loungers can also be seen. A housekeeper testified that while working for Mr Epstein he saw topless women lounging around the pool “hundreds of times”.

The swimming pool, pool house and sun loungers

A lounge leading out to the swimming pool

Mr Epstein purchased the 1952 property in 1990. A new buyer this year ordered the mansion to be torn down and the swimming pool to be filled in and replaced with a new development.

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