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Independent Syndrome in Women Life and Men, it is said that the ego of a woman is out of control

Independent Syndrome in a typical Women, and how can we love the human race Male/Female. Why gays are ready to take more from Women.

The easiest way to conquer anyone is to make their enemy their God. It assures that independent thought is stifled. It does not allow for the questioning of authority for the collective good and progression of the mind. It allows people to “think” they have a leg up on their brother or sister, it allows judgment and divides the Black community like no other tool ever used. All the while keeping the populace subjugated.

So it’s time for real people to have the discussion … Time to talk about the “Receiving and Giving”

Researchers over the years have made a tremendous effort to understand it clearer that what you abound in your heart will manifest soonest I know some will repudiate. The schools discussed it, inasmuch as the way our parents do but there's still a level of not passing the messages properly.

We see SO many men and women bashing the hell out of each other in social media, in international media, and in mainstream media from my observation… So much so that Black is the only race targeted for our single mothers, deadbeat dad, and child support issues when other races face the same problem in greater numbers.

Why do we allow this? Is it because we weren’t taught that what has been said about us just simply isn’t true? If we are taught to hate ourselves on the most rudimentary level, how could we possibly love someone that looks like us not just like us, How can we love the human Race.…? And if we manage to overcome that hurdle… What superficial stereotypes prevent love from blossoming?

How many sisters got passed over because it’s a “fact” that “sisters don’t give head”, how many brothers were ridiculed because they weren’t packing “nine inches” and therefore not worth the time of day

is said the ego of a woman is getting out of control. Better educated and having increased financial stability has caused many to say the woman has adopted the view of ''The person who makes the money makes the rules”. This dangerous philosophy encourages selfishness and takes away the primary foundation of the family … Love … and debases it for money. Add this to the hurt ego of the Black Male (who is now seen as a broke loser) and you have a recipe for disaster. It ensures annihilation, as the women look elsewhere for “suitable mates” that match her European education level and bank account.

''A scholar man once said that the only thing that is more pleasurable to a man than a Woman is Money.'' Do you Agree

The Gay Agenda – As more and more people defy their gender assignments, people are now having to face the reality that we have lost a large contingent of the traditional family to same-sex partnerships. It has always existed, and the community has always collectively turned a blind eye (especially in the church), but in a country where choice is embraced, we see the God-given right to be happy with whomever we choose as a double-edged sword. So sensitive in the air about this topic, you can neither be for or against it…. while it exists, the number is overinflated causing widespread fear-mongering and prejudice that sends women back to points 2 (above) and 4 (below) in droves.

However, I was never comfortable talking about these Gay things, but I have seen the one that has sense and very okay and discipline with their Life and likewise the silly ones.

The belief that men abandon his family – blame this on the media and then blame everyone for believing it. EVERY RACE has familial relationships that did not work out between the mother and father – but it does not negate the love a mother or father has for their children. The Black man HAS PROVEN to be an effective father whether he resides in the home or outside of it just like any other race. We destroy ourselves by believing and feeding into the propaganda fed to us on a daily basis through commercial media and our private conversations.