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In pictures: The touching bond between a rescued elephant and his handler

Makhavusi the elephant grasps handler Marupia Chivanga's hat with his trunk at a wildlife reserve in Zimbabawe CREDIT: Sam Turley

These images show the bond between a rescued African elephant and his handler. The pictures show Makhavusi, a hand-reared elephant, and Marupia Chivanga, an elephant handler, at the Imire Rhino and Wildlife conservancy90 minutes from Harare, Zimbabwe. Makhavusi was destined to be sold to a zoo as a calf but was instead rescued and brought to the wildlife conservancy where he bonded with Marupia.

Marupia helped to rear the elephant by hand CREDIT: Sam Turley / CATERS NEWS

Their bond is evident to all


The elephant trusts his handler now CREDIT: Sam Turley / CATERS NEWS

Photographer Sam Turley who took the pictures, said: "Too young to fend for himself, Makhavusi was hand raised and bottle fed.

“Marupia walked over to Mak and Mak gave him a full inspection with his trunk."