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Idemmili priest wife Lolo Ebele Obi: ''Prayer Warrior' wey turn Idemmili deity priest wife.

Idemmili priest wife Lolo Ebele Obi: ''Prayer Warrior' wey turn Idemmili deity priest wife

Producer: Victor Ezeama, Video: Chukwuemeka Anyinkwa

Lolo Ebele Obi decide to to become di wife of a Chief Priest and native doctor.

She marry di Dr. Raphael Obi, a 78-year-old Chief Priest of Idemmili deity, Agulu Anambra state south east Nigeria.

According to her, eight years since she take dat decision she no get any regret.

For interview wit BBC Obi, age 42 say she be "prayer warrior" for one of di prominent church for Nigeria.

"I be very strong church pesin. I be prayer warrior and Jericho destroyer.

Wen some of my friends here sey I wan marry di man dem begin use me laugh.

I no regret sey I marry am sake of say all those pipo wey been dey mock me don dey happy wit me because I dey do well," she tok.

How di marriage happen

Lolo Ebele Obi marry her husband wen she dey her early 30s and she get four children.

"Our marriage na prophesy wey pipo bin don tell me," she tok.

She say all her children na Christians wey don decide no to join she and her husband.

Ebele say "I bin visit am and e come tell me say di shrine tell am say I be im wife. Sey na me go take care of am for old age.

For pastor place dem dey tell me sey I be Ezewanyi and I no know sey na like dis.

How Idemmili deity dey operate

Di former 'prayer warrior' wey don turn priestess say difference no dey between traditional worshiping and Christianity.

Ebele say before she marry Dr. Obi she bin dey see native solution as bad tin but "no be so".

"Wen all those prophesy dey come dem tell sey if I refuse to take dis work I go mad."

As I marry my husband I realise sey even pastors dey come here come collect power. Pastors wey I no fit mention dia names and my husband dey give dem power.

Culture dey natural and di truth be sey I prefer dis one because if I wan tok to god I go just break kola pray to am directly.

No be only for church pipo fit get solution," she said.