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How To Stop Overthinking

As adults, sometimes our head keeps spinning round the clock because we can’t help but think about life.

Stuck thoughts. Painful ruminations. Unrelenting obsessions. That’s you overthinking.

We keep thinking till we feel that staying deep in thoughts is the only way out of our problems. Sometimes, we forget to do basic things that can even help us out of our problems. We get so deep in thoughts that life ends up losing its flavors.

We do not understand that the more we think about life itself, the farther we are to achieving our goals. If you spend the whole day thinking, when will you be able to take action?

Overthinking slows us down. It makes you get anxious about life, transforms us into being obsessive, and also distances you from real life itself.

Overthinking is never positive, it makes us wonder about ‘What if’ and ‘If I had known’ situations. Why should you keep living in the past?

Every day is a new day to move on and move ahead, sad thoughts should not draw you back. You should channel the energy you use in thinking to another profitable activity.

Apart from leading you into a life of regret and subsequently depression, overthinking could also damage your health. Why then do we spend time overthinking?

Well, overthinking can become addictive at some point but there are ways you can get yourself out of this condition.

Stop Overthinking. Do Something Different.

Here are simple activities that could get you away from deep thoughts

Be gentle with yourself.

Don’t be too hard or critical about yourself. Some people try to judge themselves over and over knowing full well that they can not change the past. Try to focus on the future and stop living a life of regret on what you wish you could change in the past. Try not to judge it, and don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Distract yourself.

Do something that will take your mind off the thoughts. This sounds so easy to do but it is one of the most underutilized strategies. When you do something relaxing or focus on another activity, the urge to be obsessed over a task or get deep in thoughts will no longer be there. You can switch to taking a hot shower, seeing a movie, or hanging out with friends so you will get distracted.

Give yourself a short time to think about solving a problem.

Here is when discipline comes into the picture. If you need to think about ways to solve a problem, time yourself. Do something like ‘I’d think about ways to fix this problem for 10mins’ and move on to the next activity. This will stop you from reaching the edge where you need to start overthinking.

Stop thinking about the past.

You should live in your present. Every day is a new opportunity to do something that makes you better than your past. Stop relying on your past to decide how you would live today. Remind yourself that what's done is done, and let yourself off the hook from the past. Although you can try to say things like, ‘next time, I’d do better. This brings hope rather than regrets.

Do not be too hard on yourself. Life happens but, overthinking can not solve life problems.