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How Africans accepted the western religion

Are Africans Religious?

The simple answer is Africans are very religious.

Unfortunately, most Africans are blindly loyal to their ‘Religious’ leaders.

“It is largely through religious ideas that Africans think about the world”. This point of view first appeared in a paper on religion and politics in Africa in the late 90s.

That is a clear indication that Africans are much more religious than people from other continents.

Their religious-ness and acclaimed Holy-ness are only present in ways they adore their ‘spiritual leaders’ and take their religious activities seriously on Sundays or Fridays.

However, being overly religious has not yielded anything positive in their continent.

Most countries in Africa are underdeveloped. They have the highest number of people living in poverty and sickness, yet the continent houses most of the largest religious houses in the world.

A typical African Christian is always ready to support whatever his manmade doctrine says without crosschecking from the Bible because he believes his Pastor (or General Overseer) is correct.

In Africa, we see cases where pastors compel their church members to do ‘damnable’ things like eating grasses, sleeping with the church leaders, making members work like slaves in their acclaimed sanctuary, beating up church members in the name of casting out demons, forcing them to bring all that they have to the pastor’s house and many more.

For instance, in a country in Africa, a notable church leader fired about 100 pastors and still took to the pulpit to justify his actions by saying “The pastors were not bringing in revenue to the church”, that was his excuse. But guess what, his members had his back; “He is a man of God, so he is right.”

How about pastors who live in affluence, get sprayed with money on the altar, and acquire luxurious properties? According to them, it is a show that God is a God of Prosperity. So many Africans are on the street, struggling to make ends meet but, they have pastors who persuade them to bring all their money in return for greater wealth – how possible is that?