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Stop wasting billions on testing. Only the vaccine can save us now Expedite the Oxford jab to end.

If there is any hope, it lies in the vaccine. Testing, tracing, masks, distancing, lockdowns, and tiers have all failed to halt the march of the virus. It is clear now that, without a vaccine, the Government would never allow any return to normality. We would be yo-yo-ing in and out of controls, rules, regulations, and restrictions until the kingdom comes.

The skeptics among us have hopefully suggested that the low Covid fatality rate and the high average age of victims (at 82.4 years, greater than median life expectancy) do not necessitate such draconian action. But we have been patronized and ignored.

Thanks for pointing it out and for suggesting that we should all be allowed to get on with our lives while taking some elementary precautions, say ministers and Sage boffins, but that’s not what we are going to do. If we did, people would die and we would get the blame. If that means others will die of something else, such as undiagnosed cancer or a postponed operation, that’s sad but unavoidable. At least they will not die of Covid – except 65,000 already have. And if it means trashing the economy, with 800,000 jobs lost since March, well so be it.

The Government’s stated policy has been clear for some time now: rigid controls will continue to be imposed on social interactions i