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Drones deployed in Malawi's stalling fight against malaria

The technology has been used to map and disrupt mosquito breeding sites, and could revolutionise efforts to curb malaria across the country

Malawi – one of the poorest countries in the world – has one of the highest rates of malaria globally CREDIT: Simon Townsley

Drones could revolutionise Malawi’s fight against malaria, researchers say, as the country grapples to eradicate the deadly parasitic disease. Currently, health authorities across the small landlocked nation rely on the traditional tools of mosquito nets and insecticide spray to control malaria, which still kills some 600,000 people a year worldwide.

But researchers believe drones could be deployed to map and disrupt mosquito breeding sites – such as small reservoirs and dams in rural regions, or mounds of plastic rubbish in cities.

“Despite all the success in the fight against malaria, there has been an