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Despite leading a war torn country, Ukraine President, First Lady Pose For Magazine

Ukraine's President and the first lady posed on Vogue's magazine cover and the images were widely shared on social media platforms and this elicited mixed reactions from users. Join our community and be the first to get exclusive content. Click here to join. Social media is filled with visuals from war-torn Ukraine As Russia continues to strike. In a recent and shocking move, the internet could not just ignore the new set of pictures going viral- President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has posed with his wife Olena Zelenska for Vogue magazine. The images featuring the Ukrainian president and the first lady were widely shared on social media platforms and evoked mixed reactions from users. A portrait of Ms Zelenska appeared on the digital cover of Vogue Magazine. It was shared by the magazine on its official Twitter page. “For Vogue's special digital cover story, Olena Zelenska and her husband Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke about life in wartime, their marriage and shared history, and their dreams for Ukraine's future,” Vogue's tweet read. Ms Zelenska has also shared pictures from the photo shoot on her Instagram page. In one of the pictures, Ms Zelenska is seen standing next to a wrecked aircraft. “To be on the Vogue Magazine cover is a great honour and dream of many successful and prominent people of the world. The only thing I wish for all of them is that it is not because of war in their countries,” the first lady wrote alongside the photos.

Well here's what some people had to say about it. A user said, “Would someone help me understand what the point of a Vogue photo shoot is, during the middle of a war?” Another said: "Massive amount of ukrainian soldiers dying every day, Zelensky : lets have a vogue shooting". "As war destroys the lives of thousands a day in the Ukraine and Russia, @voguemagazine, @ZelenskyyUa and his wife, Olga, decided now would be the perfect time to do a photo shoot. This is abhorrent. Showcasing their safety and privilege while people suffer." One person wrote, “While we send Ukraine $60 billion in aid Zelenskyy is doing photoshoots for Vogue Magazine. These people think we are nothing but a bunch of suckers." Another person commented, “Nah. We think you’re a bunch of manipulative grifters with no moral compass. And yes. I used pronouns." Well, what are your thoughts? Join our community and be the first to get exclusive content. Click here to join.