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Democrats wanted Trump gone. Now they want him on the ballot.

LOS ANGELES — Democrats are growing confident that California Gov. Gavin Newsom will prevail in Tuesday's recall election, averting political disaster by energizing liberal voters. Across the country, his party is paying close attention to how he's doing it: Warning Democrats that if they stay home, Donald Trump and his agenda will prevail.

“Trumpism is still alive all across this country,” Newsom (D) said at a recent campaign stop in East Los Angeles, talking to volunteers for a Black voter outreach group before they began knocking on doors. “Is it any surprise the entire Trump organization is behind this recall?” California is one of three Democratic-led states — the others are Virginia and New Jersey — holding statewide elections this year. In each state, party leaders acknowledge that in past elections Trump polarized and motivated voters that they had never won before his presidency. Democrats worried that his absence from the ballot, along with their party’s histo