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China heatwave: Residents flees heatwaves by staying underground

Residents in China's southwestern provinces are taking creative measures to deal with a record heat wave that has seen temperatures exceed 40C(104F). Those in Chongqing and neighbouring Sichuan are heading into underground bunkers and cave restaurants in an attempt to seek shelter from the heat. Some experts say the intensity of the heatwave could make it one of the worst recorded in global history. The prolonged heatwave has exacerbated a severe drought in China. Some train stations in the provinces dimmed their usually bright lights to save electricity, with photos and videos on social media show eerie scenes of people sitting in darkened train carriages in Chongqing and walking down darkened streets.

To conserve power, government offices in Sichuan were reportedly asked to keep air conditioning levels at no lower than 26C, while Chongqing authorities ordered industrial firms to restrict output until at least Thursday. In lieu of this, some companies reportedly used large ice blocks to help cool their offices down.

Outside the office, diners also went underground in a bid to further escape the heat. "Cave hotpot" restaurants are often frequented during the summer months, as the temperature is cooler underground - but have now become a mainstay. The temperature at one cave h

otpot restaurant was 16C, compared to a scorching 42C outside, state news outlet China Daily reported on Saturday.

Some Diners have moved underground