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British WHO scientist dismisses Wuhan lab Covid leak claims as Peter Daszak, 'conspiracy theories.

Peter Daszak, part of the team investigating the virus, has been accused of a conflict of interest over his links to the Chinese institution

Peter Daszak was among scientists from WHO investigating Covid's origins

A British scientist who took part in a World Health Organisation mission to investigate whether Covid leaked from a Wuhan laboratory has suggested that China had been “misunderstood” over its refusal to address growing suspicions about the origins of the disease. Dr. Peter Daszak said he sympathized with the Chinese government for refusing to give “oxygen” to “conspiracy theories”, and cast doubt on US intelligence suggesting that three workers at the Wuhan lab fell ill shortly before the first recorded case of Covid-19. It comes after Joe Biden, the US president, ordered his officials to redouble their efforts to investigate the origins of the pandemic, including any possibility that the search might lead to a Chinese laboratory.

British agents are understood to be assisting the investigation, and now believe it is “feasible” that the Wuhan lab may have been the source of the virus, according to reports. Dr. Daszak, a leading zoologist, was a key member of the WHO team that decided it was “extremely unlikely” that Covid-19 had escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (pictured below) after a three-week visit in January.

Critics suggested that the visit had been heavily stage-managed by Beijing after the scientists visited a propaganda museum detailing Wuhan's fight against Covid-19 on their second day. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO’s director-general, later conceded that the team’s report was not "extensive enough" after 14 countries, including the US and UK, made a joint statement to express concerns over its conclusions.

Dr. Daszak has also been accused of an apparent conflict of interest after it emerged that his non-profit organization EcoHealth Alliance had been funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology for years and that he had collaborated with the institute's Shi Zhengli to investigate and catalog bat coronaviruses across China. Dr. Daszak t