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Brideprice and the dilemma in eastern Nigeria

A typical brideprice in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Bride price is an integral part of their culture when it comes to marriage. If you want to marry a Nigerian lady, you are required to pay her bride price to her family members.

This culture is common among the three major tribes in Nigeria. The custodians of this culture believe that they are not selling their daughter but want the groom to understand that nothing precious comes for free.

They expect the groom to gift or pay a certain amount to the bride's family before the union can be accepted.

This cultural trend is also common among the Indians but, in the reverse case as the bride is expected to pay the groom's price.

The reason why bride price is being received in Nigeria is to state the fact that precious things are never free. This is a clear indicator that their daughters are precious. And when you think about how much you spent before making her your wife, you won't want to make some nasty decisions. This is synonymous with the belief that ‘our heart will be where your money is’.

This Brideprice could be as low as N100 or forty-one tubers of yam in some cultures and quite higher among the Igbo tribe or the Eastern people of Nigeria. Their bride price usually comes in a long surprising list.

Has this culture been fair to young couples from the eastern part of Nigeria?

A post went viral on Nigerian Twitter after a man called off his wedding because of the enormous bride price list.

The man was planning to marry a girl from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria and he was slammed with a long bride price list. The lady’s bride price included a part payment for a CAR! Yet, they insist that they are not selling their daughter.

Some lists require the man to build a new house for the bride’s father, buy Cows for every man in the family, buy cars, or do something ridiculously unnecessary.

They believe that they have spent so much money to nurture their precious daughter and you are expected to pay them back for their hard work hence, the outrageous list. if the girl is educated, the bride price is expected to be more expensive than others based on the level of her education.