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Arguably: Is Soviet years much better than Putin? Read further more.

Please tell your readers — the Soviet Union never died

Many Russians expressed nostalgia for the later Soviet years under Leonid Brezhnev


Russians view the old Soviet authorities in a better light than they do the present government, according to an opinion poll that suggests nostalgia is enduring as President Putin’s approval rating falls.

Of those polled, 29 per cent said they thought that the Kremlin in the late 1970s and early 1980s was “close to the people”. Only 8 per cent thought the same of today’s government.

The four other main characteristics of the late Soviet era were that its governance was strong, fair, lawful and short-sighted, respondents said.

The top features attributed to the present government were that it was “criminal and corrupted” (41 per cent), “distant from the people” (31 per cent), “bureaucratic” (24 per cent) and “short-sighted” (19 per cent).

The survey was conducted at the end of last month by the Levada Centre, Russia’s only independent polling agency. While the figures partly reflect unhappiness about low salaries and an increase in the pension age introduced last year, nostalgia for the later Soviet era has remained remarkably steady over the past 20 years.