The Lowdown Hub

All human beings are anxious to improve their circumstances! But unwilling to improve themselves

The only thing that keeps me going and brought me out of the depression was the fact that I was able to think and I had some Jim Rohn recording Books from different Arthurs, Steve Harvey and some great speakers talked about their lives and stories, how they have lost everything and came back ‘’How’’ I will tell you How I started reading every sales development and successful books I can lay my hands on! I know this because I have been there before and I came back better than I used to be, that is what we want to bring to you from Lowdown HUB we are a community that motivates each other with our resources.

I have spent so much time getting to know other people and solve their issues. If only I spent that much time knowing myself, things would have been so much more different. That would be nice, isn’t it? Learning is everything even the greatest genius is still learning and developing themselves ideas knowledge skills and wisdom they all come to us from our personal development which comes from research studies and reading.

The requirement to becoming more conscious is getting to know yourself better. It makes you retrospect and face reality for what it is, however harshly it might be. Having a fundamental principle philosophy will guild your mindset observing at the adventure ahead in your next book your next note you are about to write. Studying again after school is tremendously valuable imagine some things you never know how to solve them until you Read that book. My mentor often uses these words ‘’ what you don’t read will not help you solve the problem, likewise what you don’t know you will be enslave to it for years. Study like a child with curiosity I remember a friend once ask me why did you buy more books and don’t you think the books are old, I sighted and I replied don’t you think the Bible and other holy Books are old but you still read them right and he did not say a word anymore rather he ask me to get two 2 book from me which was The riches man in Babylon by George S. Clason and Rich day poor day By Robert Kiyosaki, ‘Conscious’ the powers of awareness in Business and Life by Rob Rosen, The 7habits of Highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey, which is real powerful lessons which change mine personal and professionally life that lead me doing the thing I love so much i can only say too much at the moment. Lowdown Hub we are building shared consciousness. We researching informations, readthrough and write it down before we speak with about it confident.