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The 2020 Outlook highlights, however, that growth has been less than inclusive. Only about a third of African countries achieved inclusive growth, reducing both poverty and inequality.

Africa’s economic growth has stabilized at 3.4 percent in 2019 and is expected to pick up to 3.9 percent in 2020 and 4.1 percent in 2021 but to remain below historical highs.

Growth’s fundamentals are also improving, with a gradual shift from private consumption toward investment and exports. For the first time in a decade, investment accounted for more than half the continent’s growth, with private consumption accounting for less than one third.

The 2020 Outlook highlights, however, that growth has been less than inclusive. Only about a third of African countries achieved inclusive growth, reducing both poverty and inequality.

The special theme this year is delivering education and skills for Africa’s workforce of the future. Despite progress in recent decades, Africa still lags behind other developing regions in education and skill development. Policy actions should include measures to improve both the quantity and the quality of education and align education policy with labor market needs.

This requires expanding access to schools in remote areas, increasing incentives to invest in education, developing a demand-driven education system that caters to employers’ needs, investing in nutrition to help poorer children, and building STEM and ICT capacity.

To address inequality in education, the Outlook appeals for progressive universalism in education spending—setting high priorities for the poor and disadvantaged and for basic education, where social returns are highest.

The Outlook shows that public expenditures on education and infrastructure are highly complementary, as investing in both has a much greater payoff than investing exclusively in just one. The efficiency of education spending is much lower in Africa than in developing and emerging Asia. The good news, though, is that by enhancing the efficiency of education spending—now at 58 percent for primary schooling—African countries could almost reach universal primary enrollment, without increasing spending at all. Key policies to improve spending efficiency and education quality include conducting education expenditure audits and reviews, improving teacher quality, and using performance-based financing.

In its last part, the report provides short-to-medium term forecasts on the evolution of key macroeconomic indicators for all 54 regional member countries, as well as analysis on the state of socio-economic challenges and progress made in each country. This adds granularity to the more aggregated analysis conducted in the first part of the report.

There is always a delay if you can’t connect the dot of the puzzles, due to timekeeping and record, you have to always look at the time before you talk about tomorrow's ever-changing life in Africa our motherland. I learned a lesson to always secure your business with good business plans, on both side the old leaders has failed us, I find my greatest liberation the year 2000 Understanding these words‘’ What can I do for my Country’’ In the sales field and most businesses, spread the love with their association and always add more values to every being, the youthful in at heart that is willing to take a Risk. and bet on their vote soon. Plants grow with or without our help that is the confidence ever Bet Bank growth if you plan today. he oak planted by the riverside, they most bear fruit of its trust the ones who are able to connect with the infinite Faith This formless substance. Creating a remarkable field for the new world coming to Africa, the young will be able to trade in a field where Dangote trade, see the big picture don't look farther Just think? We are the next generation with a vision of none conformity that keeps the best in the business as a team to ensure the future for all our Love ones effective, productive, and accountable, the risks to Build that dream you have to Bank on your Desire. We all need each other’s too grown we must stay true to our word, I have studied the Principles and with a well systematically understanding of the Environment, only a few take the risk of working more for less to Building a better Africa which will enrich us in the future, let me add value to create wealth and prosperity faith is the formless substance which is the basis of Creating your dream and not look at the Odds these take me back to banking betting on yourself and legal responsibility that guarantees risk security. For this reason, don’t bank on Africa yet till the next few years Our Time most of the Leaders now are still power drunk.

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