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3 Tips to Keep Going when you are about to give up on your Dream

Everybody has dreams but not everybody is able to make it a reality . Setting your goals can be easy but accomplishing them is the real work. Working in line with your goals require a lot of courage to start and remain focused. It's not just about having a goal it's all about being consistent and determined to achieve it. When you start the process of achieving your goals it might be very discouraging to keep going because you get to realise that the goal is bigger than you. Truly valid goals are expected to look like they are bigger than you. But that shouldn't be an excuse. You might be pushed to give up because of the circumstances restricting you from achieving your goals. Imagine if top inventions like aeroplane wasn't made, due to the conclusion that gravity won't make it fly, we most likely won't have airplanes in existence. You just have to keep going if truly your dreams are valid enough to improve lives and contribute to the world around you. If you feel like settling for less or you are tired of workingtowards your goal, try these methods: How to keep going with your goals: 1. Remember “Why” you started: What is the “why” to your dream? How is your dream going to affect those around you? Remember why you started. Your dreams might not make sense to others that should not hold you back. Go beyond yourself. As many have said, YOU are your biggest obstacle to success. 2. Set realistic goals: When you plan to work towards your goal, you should break your to do-s into simple points. Use a scale of preference to set right priorities and always start from the simplest task. Starting with the simplest will make it easy for you to get more motivation to keep going. Don’t get overwhelmed with your dreams. START small, FINISH big. 3. Make Your Dream Your Job: No, I don’t mean quit your job and have no income while you work on your dream. That’s an entirely different article (and completely up to you). I’m talking about treating your dream like it is your job. For example, if you completely failed at a presentation at work, would you just quit and not go the next day? No! You have a livelihood and an expectation to show up. So why quit on your dream at the first sign of failure? Treat your dream like your job. Therefore, make a plan, show up every day, and understand that it may take a while to see any results. Final words Dreams don’t just happen. They take work so, go get started and don't think of quitting. Rest when you can but don't quit! Keep going. You will be glad you did.