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 Is one of the most valuable as well as valued thing refers to the learning or experiences of the specific field? having an in-depth of what you were thought in school in real-world life, in general, to understand in full capacity of the subject matter social polities religions spirituality, be knowledgeable of a particular skill or topic to be experienced. It comes from learning and learning means applying the information to practical things. If the knowledge is put into simple words the best way will be that it is the information of experiences or learning which could be from anyone. But both knowledge and information are the memory. There is not a bit of uncertainty that Knowledge is Power. Power starts from the condition of bravery and dread exists till there is an absence of knowledge. A knowledge all-around an educated individual can settle on smart choices dependent on their arrangement and attention to ordinary circumstances and defeat troublesome conditions winning at a specific time. The knowledge can also be said as the information that is obtained when a price of information is applied as the result. Power here ought not to be considered as animal power or muscle power. All things considered, power is supposed to be the capacity or ability to act or perform successfully and without realizing this capacity to perform adequately is absurd in any way. Knowledge could be gradually increased by having more and more experiences on different levels, by different levels meaning is that at the level of mind, emotions as well as physical. Another way of increasing knowledge could be experiencing the experiences of others which is a holistic approach to learning continuously learning is the sign of gathering continuous knowledge into the mind. Knowledge gets powerful when it is in a huge amount for example person has only had few experiences of a specific domain then this describes that person does not have much knowledge about it but is depressed has more and more experiences of that particular field and most of them unique then it is a high chance that the person has much more knowledge. Knowledge open is the possibility of different domains in ideas to the people which brings power to them. Knowledge has always been superior from the ancient years as they were the most important part of the evolution of the humans that turns them to learn more and more different dimensions of life and a valve two species that we can see in the present world which is unique and is differentiated from other species due to the line of knowledge.